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Tenant Information

We at Purcell & Associates hope everything is going well in your rental property. We have put together a few items to help answer questions you may have.

If you have an EMERGENCY

Purcell & Associates is here for you in an emergency by calling our EMERGENCY paging system. This system is designed to take calls after our office closes and our tenants need to reach our Property Manager. We do ask that non-emergency calls be handled during regular business hours but should an emergency arise please call (928) 499-2422  and leave a message-be sure to speak slowly and clearly, include your name, telephone number where you can be called back, and the property address you are calling about. It is very important that we are able to understand your message otherwise we will not be able to return your call. This system will then alert the Property Manager and they will return your call. Please NOTE, this system does take a few minutes to send and retreive, so be patient.

If you need a repair...

If you need to request a repair you may do so by calling the office at (928) 515-1156 during regular business hours.

Certain items can be remedied by you and we will ask you to check these items before sending a maintanence man.

Something such as an outlet that stopped working can sometimes be taken care of by simply pressing the reset button or resetting the breaker, this is due to the outlet "tripping" itself or the breaker box may have "tripped" as well.

A garbage disposal that is "humming" may simply need to be reset, this can be done by pressing the button on the bottom of the disposal unit. If the unit is not working at all, it may have been unplugged accidentally.

A garage door that jumps or starts to close then reopens may just have sensors that are out of alignment or if any sort of debris is crossing the laser line it may not function properly. Sun shining directly on the sensor and spider webs are very common for this. Another common problem with garage doors is the remote clicker-tenants are responsible to change the batteries in the remotes. If you find that the door will not open or close after pressing the wall button or the remote clicker; check the unit for power (simple check-did the light come on? If no, make sure the opener is plugged into the outlet (sometimes they rattle out), if that is not it check the breaker box for a "tripped" switch. This will be one switch in the opposite direction of all the others. To reset it simply switch it back.

A breaker box can be located on an outside wall of the unit, in the garage or inside a closet and sometimes they are behind a bedroom door.


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